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Eastern Bettong

Eastern Bettong Bettongia gaimardi
and her joey
Photo: Dave Watt


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Faunal Surveys


Since European settlement, there has been a severe decline and extinction of many small native animals in Australia. At Mulligans Flat and Goorooyarroo Nature Reserves many species of native mammal, bird and reptile have become locally extinct and greatly reduced in numbers.

These declines in abundance and diversity are due to the combination of threats shown in the diagram below.

Threats to fauna

Diagram showing the threats to native fauna, like the Yellow-footed Antechinus,
in yellow box-Blakely's red gum grassy woodland.


By eliminating some of the above threats and using experimental manipulations, we are hoping to restore the structure and function of temperate woodlands to increase biodiversity in small native animals. Regular surveys are used to determine the composition and biodiversity of the different groups of fauna in the reserves.

Types of Surveys

We are surveying for the following types of animal

Skink Image
Mushroom Image
Kangaroo Image

Small Mammals

Kangaroo Image

Eastern Bettong


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