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The ACT Government, The Australian National University, CSIRO and the James Hutton Institute (the “partners”) have an ongoing research partnership focussed on the Mulligans Flat and Goorooyarroo nature reserves. This is established and governed by the “Contract” between the partners and is called “The Mulligans Flat – Goorooyarroo Woodland Experiment”. The overarching aim of the “Experiment” is to understand ways to improve box-gum grassy woodlands for biodiversity. The purpose is to provide scientific evidence for sound conservation and land management decisions. The ultimate decision making responsibility for the Experiment lies with the Research Management Committee (RMC) as outlined in the Contract. The RMC delegates the following responsibilities to the Mulligans Flat and Goorooyarroo Research Management Committee (the “Committee”) which has a broader membership that includes representatives with operational management responsibilities. The RMC retains ultimate decision making powers as stipulated in the Contract.

Management structure

Terms of Reference
  1. To evaluate new research and management proposals and ensure that they are compatible with research programs in the Mulligans Flat and Goorooyarroo nature reserves and with the Canberra Nature Park Plan of Management;
  2. To act as a forum for discussing research and operational aspects of the “The Mulligans Flat – Goorooyarroo Woodland Experiment” and other research in these reserves;
  3. To act as a forum for reporting on research results and developing ways for ACT conservation managers to implement findings in day to day management operations;
  4. To resolve any conflicts between all parties;
  5. To negotiate the signing of Memoranda of Understanding with third parties (i.e. those not covered by The Contract) who wish to conduct research at Mulligans Flat and Goorooyarroo and collaborate or be associated with the Experiment;
  6. Decisions of the committee do not supercede or replace other statutory obligations including licensing. Compliance with such obligations remains the responsibility of research proponents;
  7. Membership of the Committee is by invitation from the Chair who acts on the advice of the RMC;
  8. The Committee is independent of the Mulligans Flat Woodland Sanctuary, but works in collaboration with its Board of Management, and has shared members. The Chair or delegate will report regularly to The Board and Species Management Panel of the Sanctuary. Shared members of the Board will report to the Committee.

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